Viral Video Shows Lawmaker Flashing Gun at Student?!

( – A recent viral video has surfaced on the internet after a student recorded an Indiana lawmaker who flashed his gun at students in the Capital who were there to discuss gun violence and gun laws.

One of the students, who was from Burris Laboratory School in Muncie, stated that she was at the state capital on Tuesday with four other students to show support for Students Demand Action where they were going to address gun safety.

Alana Trissel, who is 17 years old, said that Jim Lucas proceeded to ask why the students were there, and then he began to defend gun rights. The lawmaker was standing outside of an elevator talking to the group of students as one student recorded the interaction. In the video, Lucas expressed the importance of guns for protection and also spoke about the failure of law enforcement to protect students from mass shootings such as in the Parkland, Florida, and Uvalde, Texas shootings.

Lucas continued by saying that nobody is “truly free” if they aren’t able to defend themselves, to which a student responded by asking him if he meant carrying a firearm. He continued and said that he was “carrying right now” and opened up his jacket which showed that he was carrying a gun.

One of the students said, “Nothing about someone carrying a gun makes me feel safe.” According to students, the conversation intensified after he flashed the gun at them

Trissel explained how she felt in the moment by saying, “Since a state legislator had shown a weapon, I felt all the more powerless. I felt scared. I felt alone. I was timid and almost petrified with fear,” she said.

Lucas did not immediately respond to comments on the video but he did post on Wednesday saying, “I fear for, and pity those that are being indoctrinated to fear that which is their best means of self-defense. People are also being indoctrinated to depend on government for their ‘safety,’ even when shown that government has clearly ruled that government doesn’t have the duty to protect us.”

Indiana is more lax on carry laws and allows lawmakers and their staff to carry firearms in designated areas such as “complex grounds” and even the Capital. A recently introduced bill will even extend this right to elected officials statewide.

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