Vivek Ramaswamy Under Fire Over Receiving Soros Scholarship While In Law School

( – Republican presidential hopeful and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has come under fire after it was revealed that he had received a $90,000 grant from the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship while attending Yale Law School. Ramaswamy has since been criticized for being funded by George Soros, a liberal billionaire known for funding left-wing policy initiatives.

Ramaswamy has issued his defense for taking the grant, saying that he needed the money in order to afford to go to law school. However, his tax returns, as reported by Fox News, show that he made $2.2 million as his total income in the year 2011. Ramaswamy started law school in the summer that year.

His returns show further that before he attended law school, he had already become a millionaire by working as a hedge fund analyst, with his income clocking in at $1.1 million at that time.

As a result, Ramaswamy’s connection with Paul Soros, the brother of the more infamous George Soros, has cast doubt on the presidential candidate in conservative circles.

In an interview broadcast on the conservative television network Real America’s Voice, Ramaswamy said he took the scholarship out of need, emphasizing that it was a merit scholarship partially funded by Paul — not George — Soros. He also said that at the time of his acceptance of the scholarship and law school attendance, George Soros had not “gone off the rails” in support of far-left policy initiatives.

However, it is known that Soros had been the leading billionaire against conservative causes since the 1990s, with him leading the way against Republican President George W. Bush and funding left-wing political causes.

Tricia McLaughlin, a spokesperson for Ramaswamy’s campaign, told Fox News that he had won a common scholarship that hundreds of law students also win, and that his intentions were by no means politically in favor of the Soros’ family. McLaughlin also said that Ramaswamy “would have been a fool” to turn down the scholarship, citing the presidential candidate’s entrepreneurial savvy as one of his key qualifications for the White House.

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