Warming Temperatures Could Break Records?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The United States will be getting rising temperatures this coming week and it’s going to cause a bigger impact than we thought as it is expected to break records in many areas.

The forecast for the coming week shows record highs for many states. Texas, for example, will see temperatures close to what they’d normally see in May. Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be the warmest days of the week and on Monday 250 million Americans will experience above-average temperatures.

FOX Weather Meteorologist Jane Minar said, “This warmth is really beginning to build today across the middle tier of the country, and it continues to shift its way eastward by about Tuesday.”

Dozens of daily record highs are expected to soar through Monday from Texas all the way to North Dakota and Minnesota. Some of the highest temperatures in Texas were seen on Sunday and are expected to hold through Tuesday.

Sunday’s forecast in Dallas will be 86 degrees and will see a jump to 93 degrees on Monday. With the rising temperatures, forecasters with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth have said that they are expecting a rise in grass fires as they expect to see high temperatures with low humidity.

Minar warned against getting too comfortable with the heat, saying, “While this warmth is building in quickly, and we are expecting records through about Tuesday and Wednesday, we do get a sharp reminder once the storm moves in that, yes, it is still winter, and we still need the coats.”

A cold front for the second half of the week is expected to knock these temperatures down and reach record lows in the North. At the beginning of the week, we can see a 20-30 degree temperature rise and at the second half of the week, we can see a 10-20 degree below average drop. This will make the country ultimately divided with unreasonable warmth in the South and a major drop in temperatures in the North.

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