Watters Claims Alleged Biden Corruption Cost American Taxpayers

Watters Claims Alleged Biden Corruption Cost American Taxpayers

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Fox News host Jesse Watters recently warned American Taxpayers of the bribery allegations against President Biden on his primetime show. Watters outlined how Devon Archer, a friend and business partner of the Biden family, will speak under oath at the House Oversight Committee.

“Testimony from a Biden insider like this will be devastating,” Watters said. “The Biden family was getting rich off you, the American taxpayer.”

Republican lawmakers recently pointed to a 2015 email chain that shows additional support for the idea that the Biden family’s dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings were corrupt. Hunter Biden and then Vice President Joe Biden were allegedly in contact about the business deals, despite President Biden claiming otherwise on the campaign trail. The senior Biden would then pressure Ukrainian officials to fire the prosecutor investigating and pursuing corruption charges against Burisma and its president, Hunter’s boss.

Watters made the point that “Donald Trump got impeached for zeroing in on that,” yet while former President Donald Trump now faces the full force of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Hunter Biden got what some Republicans are calling a “sweetheart deal” due to the leniency of the penalties for the crimes that he committed.

Now, House Republicans are continuing the investigation and could be setting up a case for impeaching President Biden for foreign bribery. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Senator Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley, firmly believe that the Biden family was corrupt and influenced by bribes.

While many prominent Republicans affirm the corruption of President Biden, uniting the caucus will be especially important if Speaker Kevin McCarthy pursues impeachment. With only four members above the threshold of 218 for a majority, almost all House Republicans will have to be onboard if an impeachment effort were to succeed.

Furthermore, optics surrounding the 2024 presidential election could undermine any legitimate inquiry into Biden. Opponents could claim the moves are politically motivated against the president’s re-election efforts if Republicans are not careful.

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