Wayfair Cutting Positions After Extreme Pandemic Hiring?!

Erlanger - Circa February 2022: Wayfair Distribution Center. Wayfair is an e-commerce company that sells home goods online and in outlets.

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Wayfair is yet another company making major worker cuts, planning on laying off 13% of its workforce.

Wayfair is cutting 1,650 employees. The company plans to make downgrades by cutting out management layers and downsizing its corporate team, which will be cut by 19%. They brought in many corporate members in a rush during the pandemic, but are expecting to downsize now.

Wayfair is expected to save about $280 million with these layoffs, and there has been a surge in shareholders after the announcement of the layoffs on Friday.

Niraj Shah, Wayfair’s CEO and Co-Founder said, “The changes announced today reflect a return to our core principles on resource allocation. Although persistent category weakness makes revenue growth challenging, we remain encouraged by the share gains we continue to see.”

This is not something, and Wayfair isn’t the only corporation making substantial cuts. In fact, Etsy, Hasbro, and Macy’s have also had major layoffs within their company. Businesses are having a hard time post-pandemic, after the holidays, and keeping up with the lack of demand now with inflation.

“By mid-2022 it was clear we were in a bust period,” said Niraj Shah, “It was also clear that we had gone overboard with corporate hiring during Covid.”

Shah continued, “As everyone here knows, we’ve had two significant corporate restructurings since 2022 to try to right-size this.”

The company spoke out saying that these job cuts are not the production of last quarter reports or anything similar, but rather a resizing of the company, which has already taken place a few times. Shah says that they will rebuild throughout the year but they will focus on lower positions, rather than the corporate branches.

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