Whistleblower Claims Hunter Biden Deducted Adult Entertainment On Taxes

Whistleblower Claims Hunter Biden Deducted Adult Entertainment On Taxes

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Another piece of information recently came to light from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblower testifying in the tax fraud case against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Allegedly, the first son deducted thousands of dollars from his taxes to pay for private clubs and call girls.

During a recent press conference, Jacon Smith, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, indicated that two whistleblowers from the IRS handed over evidence of “misconduct and government abuse… resulting in preferential treatment” for President Biden’s son.

Along with the fact that Joe Biden and his administration have made efforts to throw a wrench in the investigations into Hunter Biden, the whistleblowers had other details to share about what Hunter Biden was up to before his father was president. One of the whistleblowers, whose identity remains hidden, said Hunter Biden was trying to get tax breaks from money spent on escorts and private clubs.

Although the expenses were written off as paying for golf club memberships or other things, the investigation confirmed that tens of thousands of dollars actually went toward prostitutes and debauched parties.

The founder of SNCTM, an elite private club in Beverly Hills, confirmed in an Instagram post that Hunter Biden was once a member of the club. Damon Lawner said he “canceled” Hunter Biden’s membership after a single party because the president’s son “is a scumbag.” That social media post has since been deleted. Lawner was also banned from SNCTM after the post but said he knew that was part of the risk he was taking for “letting people know that the type of behavior” exhibited by the younger Biden upset him.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys struck a “sweetheart deal” with U.S. attorney David Weiss last week, which will keep him out of jail as long as he pleads guilty to charges of failure to pay taxes for two years and participates in a pretrial diversion program as well as probation for the charge of illegal possession of a firearm.

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