White Colonizers Victimizing People of Color in Palestine?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Israeli enemies have fabricated a story of white colonizers victimizing people of color in Palestine, which is said to be untrue and also not sensible.

Israel is said to be made up of 70% Jews, but this doesn’t exactly mean much in regards to skin color. “The reality is that in Israel you will see Jews who look Black, brown, Asian, African, and everything in between,” said Dan Feferman, a former national security adviser to the Israel Defense Ministry. He continued, “The mischaracterization is wildly inaccurate and unfortunately drives animosity in the Middle East and around the world against Israel,”

Feferman is the founder of a nonprofit called Sharaka, which is a group of Israeli and Arab individuals who are looking to mend the relationship between Israelis and Arabs, instead of driving a wedge in relations due to race.

Israeli people include a wide range of backgrounds including those are Bedouins, who are from a nomadic Arab tribe. National data shows that one in five Israel residents are Arab. The whole country is completely diversified and there are many different people there with different backgrounds.

Charles Wax, a San Diego business executive who is involved in Israeli affairs said, “They have full rights in Israel. They can be Supreme Court justices. They can be anything in Israel. And they’re fighting for Israel right now.”

Over 50% of Jews in Israel are Sephardic, meaning non-European Turkish, Persian, Arab, or African descent. These descendants often visually look like what Americans might call “people of color.” The American version of Jews is often stereotyped as Ashkenazi Jews, which make up about 45% of the Jews in Israel, however this descendent is the most common and they are not looked at as “people of color.”

Israel’s population is made up of 250,000 Bedouins which is about 3% of the country’s population; 10,000 of these Bedouins are Black Bedouins.

“Race shouldn’t drive the conflict in any case, even if every citizen in Israel were White. We should look at it as an issue of just vs unjust,” said Charles Wax.

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