White House Puts Conditions on Biden’s Trip to Israel

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – President Joseph Biden is planning to visit Israel to demonstrate America’s support for Israelis amid the Israel-Hamas war. Biden said the Hamas attack was the worst assault on Jews “since the Holocaust.” He also said Israel had a right to defend itself after the massacre. His main destination will be the city of Tel Aviv. Biden did not publicly announce his trip until after placing the conditions of his trip on Benjamin Netanyahu.

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, met with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Monday. After speaking with Blinken and other Israeli officials for about 8 hours, Netanyahu agreed to Biden’s terms for the President’s visit. The assembly deliberated on the necessity of sending aid and the logistics of transporting it to its final Palestinian destination.

The prime minister committed to the conditions and intends to send a “humanitarian package” to aid Gaza’s civilians during its humanitarian crisis. Palestinians in Gaza are suffering the effects of the Israel-Hamas war. As of now, over 2,700 Palestinians and 31 Americans have died. There are 13 citizens of the United States still missing. The Israeli government worried that aid would fall under the control of Hamas terrorists and be used maliciously. Blinken promises to “condemn” any terrorist attempting or succeeding in stealing the aid packages. He states that if it is seized, he will implement a solution to prevent it from reoccurring.

Republican US Senator Marsha Blackburn disagreed and wanted to stop the flow of all aid to the Gaza Strip. She said that humanitarian packages continue to fall under terrorist control. The Senator said Hamas uses the aid to manufacture weapons and use them for their intentions. Blackburn rebuked several progressive Democrat colleagues for instructing the President to place conditions on his journey to Israel.

While visiting Israel, President Biden hopes to learn more about the war and the American hostages to help them escape from Gaza.

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