White House Scrambles as Biden Makes Shocking Claim about Israel

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Israel Defense Forces were able to fight off Hamas terrorists in Kfar Aza. This town is located in the south near Israel and Gaza’s border. Itai Veruv, the Major General of Israel, said the terrorists killed babies as their parents watched and then murdered the parents.

Veruv lamented that men, women, children, and even pets were found strewn together on the ground. IDF were rumored to have found the bodies of 40 babies. Some of the infants were said to have been decapitated. IDF found both shot and beheaded victims scattered throughout the village. The IDF placed the deceased into body bags and then transported them away by vehicle.

Few allegations of atrocities related to the conflict in Gaza can be immediately verified as nearly all reports are disputed. There has been no verification of whether beheaded infants were found in the midst of the slain or not. Very few photos of the Kfar Aza “massacre” are within reach of the general public.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden claimed to have seen “confirmed pictures” of the babies Hamas terrorists had beheaded. He believes it is important for Americans to be aware of what is happening in the Middle East and not replicate it. The President said he has been working as a public servant for a long time and never thought he would view such grotesque images.

The President has denounced Hamas for unfurling horror and pain across the planet. Biden specified that failure to address these atrocities would be seeing as being complicit in their commission. The President told Israel’s prime minister that he would send more aid and ammunition to reinforce the Israeli military.

John Kirby, spokesman of the National Security Council, did not see the beheading images President Biden had spoken of. However, Kirby was convinced Biden had personally seen them.

White House personnel recanted the President’s quote and said Biden was misinformed and may have been confused by Tal Heinrich’s October 7th assertions. Heinrich, a spokesman for Israel’s Prime Minister, reported that infants had been decapitated. Heinrich was not able to verify his reports but hoped his listeners would believe him.

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