Wildfires In Texas Force Evacuations?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A disaster declaration was put in place by Texas Governor Greg Abbott due to widespread wildfires in the Panhandle.

These wildfires are said to be a threat due to the high temperatures and dryness that Texas is seeing right now, plus dry vegetation and high winds. The declaration is in effect for 60 counties and it has already affected some places such as Pantex, a facility that handles and secures America’s nuclear arsenal.

The company came out with a statement amid the declaration as the facility had to shut down its operations. Pantex said that the arsenal was unaffected and that “there is currently no fire on the plant site and emergency personnel continue to monitor the situation.” Pantex said all employees had been accounted for and “non-essential personnel are no longer on site.”

Multiple fires broke out in the Panhandle and many cities within it had to evacuate such as in Fritch, which was struck by one of the four fires burning in the Panhandle area. The Texas First Service said that the fire is only 20% contained and that 40,000 acres have burned already. The largest fire is the Smokehouse Creek fire which is in Hutchinson County as it is 0% contained and spans over 500,000 acres.

Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner said, “As Agriculture Commissioner, I am deeply concerned about the devastating wildfires raging through the Texas Panhandle. Our thoughts are with them during this challenging time, and we’re committed to supporting their recovery efforts every step of the way.”

The Texas Forest Service is expecting many more wildfires in the coming weeks and has prepared to battle them as well as putting in place safety precautions. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association also has a fundraising campaign to help aid victims of wildfires, especially when it comes to cattle or ranches, as wildfires can be devastating.

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