Winter-Related Deaths Climbing as Temperatures Drop

A red car has slid on the icy road and his into the freeway medium. This has created a traffic jam for the other cars.

( – There has been an arctic blast hitting many states across the United States, which has caused many problems, including canceled games, closed roads, loss of power, and death. This winter storm has hit two-thirds of the country and made states see record-breaking temperatures.

There have been 41 winter-related deaths in the United States since Sunday because of the winter storms and icy temperatures. The Department of Health confirmed that 14 of these deaths happened in Tennessee alone.

Just recently, 30 different states were under a winter weather warning, ice advisory, and winter storm warning as a huge arctic blast pushed through the country. Many states saw temperatures that were as low as 30 degrees below zero.

Chilly weather was seen in many states, while the snow moved through New York, to Chicago, down the East Coast, and all across the United States leaving the Appalachians and Ohio Valley, as well as the midwest region, covered in snow.

New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are going to get less snow. They are predicted to get 1 inch to 3 inches, whereas in some parts of West Virginia, they are forecasted to have over 6 inches of snow, especially in the Appalachian mountain region.

The winter storm continues to travel through, but temperatures in some places are expected to rise slightly, causing some states to go from below-freezing temperatures to mild temperatures. The West Coast will mainly see rainfall, while the East Coast can expect to get inches of snow.

The winter weather has caused power outages, and fallen trees, and has the potential to cause avalanches in the mountains where heavier snowfall is expected to happen.

Staying safe and staying warm in the cold weather is essential to keeping yourself out of harm’s way. Follow cold weather alert suggestions to keep yourself warm and to get through the winter storms.

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