Woman Takes Bullet During MRI Scan

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – After taking a firearm into an MRI scan, a woman took a bullet to the butt.

According to a report, a 57-year-old woman from Wisconsin was shot in the posterior in June 2023 when the pistol she was carrying came close to the MRI scanner. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) pictures of the inside of a patient’s body are created by first creating a magnetic field using powerful magnets and then by pulsing radio frequencies through the patient’s body.

Around 30 days after the incident occurred, the FDA’s MAUDE database was notified of the incident. The woman said she had no potentially harmful items on her person during the standard screening process. Additionally, she was specifically questioned whether she had a weapon on her person, and she gave a false response.

People are additionally questioned whether they have tattoos and then cautioned that the MRI’s magnet might irritate or hurt their skin if they do since tattoo inks can include metal.

The powerful magnet of the MRI equipment could have pulled the gun’s trigger. The woman in question had light wounds. The attending physician who checked the bullet’s entrance and exit holes described them as superficial, as the bullet did not hit any internal organs or bones, as stated in the FDA report.

Near an MRI, it’s not only firearms that pose a threat. Oxygen tanks, mobility devices, and metallic metal butt plugs have caused significant injuries or even deaths.

A report reveals that a Brazilian man was helping out his mother when he was shot in the stomach earlier this January. According to hospital personnel, he had previously denied carrying a firearm. An MRI machine allegedly activated the shooting.

It was a lot better for the woman in this instance. They rushed her to a local hospital after the incident. She claimed that her injury was healing nicely when asked.

The source states that before undergoing an MRI scan, patients are asked to remove any objects that may be drawn to a magnet from the room. This includes piercings, jewelry, smartphones, and weapons, particularly firearms.

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