World Health Organization States Man With Bird Flu Died of Other Causes

( – The World Health Organization has confirmed that a Mexican man who had a rare human case of the Bird Flu died because of other co-morbidities and not from the Bird Flu itself.

Last week the WHO shared that a sixty-year-old man from Mexico died of the H5N2 virus or avian influenza and this was from the first laboratory-confirmed case of a human having Bird Flu. However, it’s said that Mexican authorities believe that the man died from other causes, not from influenza.

The strain of Bird Flu has been circulating among humans, including three dairy workers who had been infected and recovered from the disease. Following the announcement of the Bird Flu case in Mexico, Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer Varela disagreed with WHO’s statement saying that the man died for other reasons.

The World Health Organization stated that the man had not died from the Bird Flu, but that he had tested positive for it. WHO issued an updated statement that said health officials in Mexico confirmed that the man died from other causes and not from the virus.

Said the WHO, “A national multidisciplinary group of experts was formed to investigate the cause of death. It included infectious disease specialists, pneumonologists, microbiologists, and intensive care professionals.”

They continued, “Upon review of the patient’s clinical history and records, the national multidisciplinary team concluded on 6 June that, although the patient had a laboratory-confirmed infection with avian influenza A virus, he died due to complications of his co-morbidities.”

The patient in Mexico had no history of being around poultry that had been infected, but the patient then developed a fever, nausea, diarrhea, general malaise, and shortness of breath. Following this investigation into the health of the patient, his relatives said that he was bedridden for weeks prior to contracting the illness.

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