Wray Warns Americans to Stay Vigilant in Face of Hamas Threats

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – In response to the attack on October 7th, Israel’s airstrikes have been taking out many Hamas targets. Israel usually warns Palestinians of the strikes. Israel issued a 24-hour notice for the residents of northern Gaza to evacuate. Unfortunately, airstrikes are still killing civilians. Abu Obaida, of the Al-Qassam Bridges, threatened to execute one of the hostages in Gaza each time Israel attacks a Palestinian household without prior warning.

Hamas’s leaders told their militants to “mobilize in solidarity” on Friday, October 13th. Hamas wanted Palestine Arabs around the world to demonstrate their support of Palestine in the Israel-Hamas war. That day will “expose the crimes of the occupation, isolate it, and foil all its aggressive schemes.”

In response to the “Day of Rage”, cities across America have ratcheted up their security. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Hungary, Germany, and France have all been banned altogether.

Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, warned Americans of the “Day of Jihad” threat. The director said that the FBI devoted itself to ending terrorism a long time ago. Wray stated that it is impermissible to single people out and attack them simply as a result of their religious beliefs.

Wray was infuriated by Hamas’s brutal initial attack on Israel. While in California, at a Chiefs of Police conference, he expressed his anger and sent his condolences to the citizens of Israel. He mourned the lack of respect for human life and warned the U.S. to stay alert in the coming days.

Threats continue to flow both in and out of the United States. The FBI director worries Hamas sympathizers may have violent plans to cause chaos in the U.S. Wray reminded Americans to watch for these “lone actors”. If someone sees something suspicious, he wants his officials to know and handle the situation. Taking heed of what Wray warned, houses of worship and schools have upped their security. American cities as a whole have also become more secure.

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