WWE Hall Of Famer, Terry Funk, Dies Aged 79

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Professional wrestling has lost some very big names of both the past and present recently. One of the biggest was WWE Hall of Fame performer Terry Funk, who died last week at the age of 79. Funk had a well-earned reputation as one of the legitimate tough guys in the industry.

His career spanned decades, styles and continents. Funk was a legacy in the world of wrestling as his father was Dory Funk Sr., a Texas-born pro wrestler who was well-known in that region upon returning from his WWII naval service. Wrestling was primarily a regional business up until Vince McMahon took it national in the 1980’s.

Terry and his brother Dory Funk Jr. followed in their father’s footsteps and became headline performers in the business. The Funk brothers worked as a team at times in their respective careers and had success culminating in a big victory during a Wreslemania 2 tag team match.

Terry Funk really distinguished himself as a pioneer of what is now called ‘hardcore wrestling.’ He did this mostly in Japan, along with anther would be Hall of Fame wrestler Mick Foley. Hardcore wrestling was particularly brutal and used all sorts of tactics and items that would not be seen in standard matches like barbed wire, broken glass, and blunt objects. Additionally, in hardcore matches there are no disqualifications, count-outs, or any other possible ending other than a pinning of the opponent.

Terry Funk had unique storied careers in hardcore, WWF (now WWE) mainstream entertainment, and was also a star with the WCW company. Funk had a long standing storyline rivalry with WCW’s biggest star, Ric Flair. Funk was into his 50’s during his WCW run and nonetheless won titles and was a steady headline performer. Funk’s last professional wrestling match was in 2006 at WWE’s “ECW One Night Stand” at the age of 62. His unique style and personality also landed him film roles in “Roadhouse,” “Over the Top,” and Paradise Alley.” Terry Funk’s wife of 54 years Vicki passed away in 2019 and he is survived by their two daughters and his brother Dory Jr.

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