X. Corp Threatens To Sue Hate Speech Monitoring Group

X. Corp Threatens To Sue Hate Speech Group

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Twitter’s parent company, X. Corp — which recently renamed the social media platform to “X” — sent a letter to a nonprofit group that monitors hate speech accusing it of making a series of “troubling and baseless” claims with the purpose of harming the company, specifically its advertising efforts.

The nonprofit, titled the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), uploaded screenshots of the letter it received from X Corp. in a news release on its website accusing Elon Musk of trying to censor “honest criticism.”

Alex Spiro, Elon Musk’s attorney, cited a research report by CCDH claiming that Twitter failed to take action against 99% of 100 posts on the social media platform flagged by the nonprofit for “tweeting hate” as false and misleading. Furthermore, Spiro said such claims were “actionable” under federal law, specifically 15 USC 1125, which prohibits misrepresenting a person’s goods, products, or services. In this case, Twitter is accusing CCDH of deliberately misrepresenting Twitter for the sake of its own agenda.

The attorney stated in the letter that Twitter will use any and all legal options at its disposal to “prevent false and misleading claims” from harming the company’s users or the social media platform.

The attorney representing CCDH, Roberta A. Kaplan, said in a letter responding to Spiro that Twitter is free to pursue legal action if it wants to but should be mindful of “frivolous” legal actions, considering Spiro’s claims of false statements to be nothing more than a tactic to censor an organization saying things Twitter finds unfavorable.

The CCDH, in the statement on its website, accused Elon Musk of trying to censor “honest criticism and independent research” in hopes that he can quell the onslaught of negative press coverage of Twitter and rebuild his relationship with companies who refuse to advertise with the social media platform.

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