X Loses Bid in Dispute Over Content Moderation Law

West Bangal, India - july 24, 2023 : X twitter new logo on phone screen stock image.

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Elon Musk’s X (previously Twitter) is presently battling a California law that compels social media services to be entirely transparent about content management.

X has been contesting this law, alleging that it violates free speech, but they recently lost their quest to overturn the California statute. The bill also requires social media companies to produce a twice-yearly report outlining how they will deal with hate speech and misinformation.

X is known for rarely monitoring and moderating information on its site, which is why this lawsuit was filed in the first place; yet, California law will continue to apply to X.

The judge refused X’s plea for a temporary suspension of the rule, finding it was “not unjustified or unduly burdensome within the context of First Amendment law.” X had earlier stated in their original case that this regulation “impermissibly interferes with a firm’s editorial judgment and pressures companies to remove constitutionally-protected speech.”

Given the platform’s history of controversy, this decision comes as no surprise. X was recently chastised for a lack of moderation on their social networking platform, particularly in relation to Hamas-related messages and information.

Musk has stated unequivocally that X is designed to be a platform where you can share anything without fear of censorship, but even Musk’s tweets have caused controversy.

The debate rages on, but the judgment is that X was rejected their plea for a temporary suspension of this statute in California.

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