YouTube Defends Demonetization of Russell Brand

( – According to a report, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has defended the company’s decision to remove advertising from actor Russell Brand’s channel in light of sex abuse claims, stating that users may be halted from revenue generation due to news that puts YouTube at risk of being “damaged.”

When asked how YouTube determines whether to hinder a user’s channel before due process is carried out, Mohan stated they attempt to follow those principles equitably and that the platform was not playing favorites.

YouTube demonetized Brand’s account after the actor was accused of sexual assault, a claim he categorically refutes. He earns an estimated $1.2 million annually in advertising income.

The British comedian posted a video last Friday in which he categorically denied any misconduct and disputed the publishing of the charges, claiming that despite leading a “promiscuous” lifestyle, all of his sexual encounters were voluntary.

Russell Brand explained that there was a serious and coordinated agenda to control independent media personalities with the goal of suppressing voices critical of the mainstream liberal narratives and that the media’s reporting of the allegations, which date from between 2006 and 2013, may have been driven by politics.

Brand may still upload shows to YouTube, yet he won’t get a cut of the ad revenue.

Reports show some have criticized YouTube’s move to demonetize Brand’s channel as overreacting, arguing that the actor is entitled to due process and that the case has not yet been resolved. Furthermore, no criminal charges have been filed, nor have any legal judgments been made concerning the accusations.

YouTube stated when it made the demonetization announcement that the decision includes all channels Russell Brand is involved with.

According to a report, Brand migrated from YouTube to Rumble last year when he was blocked for a video debate on COVID-19, which went against the official legacy media narrative. In the video, Brand cautioned viewers about the “Trusted News Initiative,” which he said is conspiring against him.

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