A Look At How Technology is Used in U.S. Airports

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Airports are looking to expand their technology in order to make things faster and more convenient for passengers who are coming into the airport.

Travel has picked up since the end of the pandemic and airports are looking to streamline things by adding more technology to the mix. An example of this is the new Mobile Passport Control app, which can help to process international travelers much quicker.

One of the biggest reasons they are implementing new technology is to get people through the gates faster and eliminate long lines; one method is to implement apps that will streamline the process. The Mobile Passport app is the first of its kind and allows plane riders to upload their photo and necessary information, and then they are sent to a different line. The officer will only need to take a photo of one member of the family and everyone else’s information and passports will show up.

Another way that they are streamlining the airport is through the use of Global Entry, although the initial rollout led to longer wait times for some people. One way they are making this simple for people is by letting them renew their status without having to go into an enrollment center, which would free up appointments.

Some of the Trusted Traveler Programs will also have increased fees depending on which ones you are using. E-Gates will also be a popular addition, which will allow those with Global Entry to use the app and easily get through customs. We may also see a rollout of a different queuing method for passengers who will get assigned to certain lines based on their information, traveling programs, and other aspects for more organized screening.

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