Congress Looking For Answers on Why U.S. Formula One Team Was Excluded

( – A group of Congress members are asking for answers from Liberty Media, which owns Formula One, about why an American-backed team represented by Mario Andretti was excluded from their racing series.

Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, accepted Mario Andretti’s desire to join in on the race, but Formula One Management denied Andretti’s entry into the sport. Their reasoning for the denial states that the team could not be competitive in time for races and said that the presence of an eleventh team would not provide value to the championship.

Twelve United States representatives joined together to write a letter to Liberty Media stating their “concerns with the apparent anti-competitive actions that could prevent two American companies, Andretti Global and General Motors, from producing and competing in Formula One.” They continued to say that the partnership with General Motors and Andretti Global would be the only American-built and designed engine in Formula One.

The letter accuses Liberty of violating American antitrust laws and said that it’s “unfair and wrong to attempt to block American companies from joining Formula One.”

The lawmakers banded together to get the letter signed by officials across the country and they implemented questions in the letter to ask why they denied the team and how their rejection abided by the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.

Andretti, who is a former Formula One racer, has been seen giving speeches and looking for supporters to push for his team to compete in the race. Said Andretti, “We want to be able to represent the United States on a world stage in Formula One.” He continued, “We have all the tools available, all we need is the absolute green light.”

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