New York City Pushing Out Migrants from Long-Time Shelters

( – New York City has been pushing out migrants who have been living in long-term facilities to make room for what they’re naming a “summer surge” of illegal immigrants.

The Department of Homeless Services has been giving family shelters instructions on giving migrants short notice to pack all their belongings. The city even sent the largest provider of family shelter, Win, a list of migrants they wanted evicted as soon as possible, and the shelter stated that they were not allowed to refuse the orders.

A statement released from Win said, “Win stands firmly against shelter transfers, a cruel and senseless policy that the Department of Homeless Services must end immediately. Shelter evictions only destabilize families – particularly children – who are trying to finish the end of the school year in the communities they’ve come to know and trust.”

Christine Quinn, Win’s president and CEO said, “The city expressed said it wanted to have units specifically for migrants,” Quinn said, “and was planning for a summer surge in arrivals, so it needed to create vacancies in certain shelters.”

Quinn also said that they think more removal requests are to come and that she “doesn’t see this stopping.” She said she “thinks they’ll come back to us with other people.”

A spokesperson for DHS, Neha Sharma is asking the federal government to give funding to them to properly move these migrants out.

A migrant from Columbia named Deicy Lara said she was in the shelter for two years before they gave her just twenty-four hours to move out of there. Lara said, “They called me and told me that today at 4 p.m. I would have to have all my things outside because I would have transferred to a hotel.”

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