GOP Lawmakers Send Letter to Frat Brothers Who Protected American Flag

( – Two college fraternity brothers from North Carolina at Chapel Hill were praised by Representative Pat Fallon of Texas. They were praised for showing “extreme courage” and “deep patriotism” after protecting the American flag from an anti-Israel mob.

In the letter, which was addressed to “the Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi,” Fallon commended the two students who stepped in to stop the group of anti-Israel protestors trying to replace the American flag with a Palestinian flag.

The mob tried removing the American flag, which UNC Chancellor Lee Roberts ordered police to return, but activists who weren’t affiliated with Chapel Hill tried taking the flag down again; two frat boys stood up to keep it from touching the ground. Someone took a photo of the group of students below the flag keeping it from hitting the ground and this went viral all over social media.

The letter written by Fallon said, “Your actions are not only commendable but should be lauded from sea to shining sea!” It continued, “You’ve set a very high bar for American fraternities and university students as a whole. In the face of tumult, danger, and hatred, the young men of Pi Kappa Phi set a clear example of American patriotism and stewardship. Thank you!”

Protestors and agitators are becoming increasingly confrontational on campuses, and in response, Fallon said that the administrators are “spineless” for not doing anything about it.

“In this environment, it isn’t easy to stand up to spineless administrators, cowardly faculty, and naive students who are blinded by vitriol,” the lawmaker continued in the letter. “You made our country proud. Clearly, your parents raised you right,” Fallon added.

After the events, a GoFundMe account was made for the fraternity which was said to go towards “a frat party they deserve,” and it has raised over four hundred thousand dollars so far.

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