Walmart Says They Will Close Healthcare Clinics

( – Walmart has announced that they would be closing all of their Walmart health clinics across the country. This is a huge reversal of its plans to bring their low prices to the dental and medical scopes.

Walmart will close over fifty locations across Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Illinois. The company did state that this would not affect the company’s vision centers or pharmacies.

Walmart essentially blamed a broken business model and described it as a “difficult decision” when announcing the closures. “The challenging reimbursement environment and escalating operating costs” caused them to be unable to operate a profitable business according to the big box company.

This is not long after Walmart announced that they’d be expanding their clinics which shows just how difficult it is to improve American healthcare as it can be expensive and complicated.

Walmart’s first Health Clinic opened five years ago in Georgia and the big box company kept opening clinics in different regions since then. These clinics were often inside or next to Walmart stores and offered services such as medical, dental, therapy, x-rays, flu testing, and more.

These services came with a lower cost in comparison to your typical clinic with check-ups costing $30, a forty-five-minute therapy session for $45, and a dental cleaning for $25.

Walmart experienced various obstacles when they launched their clinics, like dealing with competition, keeping staff during COVID-19, and keeping their shelves stocked. The Walmart Health sector has also faced leadership issues as they have been through multiple leaders.

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