Arizona Man Charged for Threatening Rabbi and Jewish Community

( – The upsurge in antisemitic incidents continues as police arrested an Arizona man for sending death threats to a rabbi over email.

Authorities say that 50-year-old Jeffrey Mindock, who lives in Tempe, Arizona, sent an email with the heading, “HITLER WAS RIGHT RABBI,” to a rabbi of a synagogue in Scottsdale, Arizona, threatening to “execute” him and other Jewish people. Mindock was charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce.

Mindock allegedly sent the death threat to the rabbi in the belief that Jews had rigged the U.S. court system. The suspect apparently had a case against him in Utah, and he threatened to kill the rabbi if the latter did not convince the judge – whom the suspect called the rabbi’s “servant” – presiding over his case to drop the charges.

“YOU people are to blame for everything evil in this world,” read part of Mindock’s email. He asked the rabbi to “right this wrong” – referring to the Utah case against him – or else he would “execute you and every other JEW I can find tonight at midnight of your Sabbath.” Mindock also allegedly sent a death threat to the judge, saying he would “hang” the court official, whom he also called a “race traitor”.

The suspect also appeared to be influenced by the current situation in the Middle East, as Israel continues its offensive into Gaza against the terrorist group Hamas. Mindock wrote that as he saw the “atrocities unfolding in Palestine,” he realized that “Zionist Jews” exercise control over everything “from the courts to the banks to the media.”

Mindock apparently has a penchant for threatening other people – his Utah case stems from death threats he sent to another person. He has also claimed that he owns an armory filled with firearms, ammunition, and explosives enough to kill several SWAT teams. On top of this, Mindock has called Unibomber Ted Kaczynski his “hero”.

The suspect is being held without bail and has been appointed a public defender.

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