Scientists Believe We Can Stop Intergalactic War with Aliens

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( – According to a report, researchers have discovered a way for humans to communicate with extraterrestrials, which might end a cosmic war if they are successful.

To make sure any communication with aliens is pleasant and not misunderstood as hostile, scientists have assembled the most extensive “science of extraterrestrial language” to date.

According to research published in the Astrophysical Journal in 2020, the number of ‘advanced’ civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy alone is predicted to be approximately 36. However, humans have not been able to identify or communicate with any of these civilizations.

According to an outlet, new research delves into the probable characteristics of extraterrestrial intelligence with language skills. The contributors include 25 prominent specialists from the fields of linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, computer science, biology, and animal communications.

Astrobiologist Dr. Douglas Vakoch said the possibility of receiving communication via Seti (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) or sending out signals that might one day get a response is not out of the question during our lifetimes.

This report emphasizes the enormous measures that must be taken on Earth to improve humanity’s odds of successfully contacting extraterrestrial life, even if scientists have already determined these possibilities are tiny yet achievable.

In an effort to decode deliberate communication from another universe, the latest study draws on what is known about human languages and animal communication styles.

One example of such language is Linear A, which the Minoans of Crete utilized until 1,400 BC. It has only been discovered on artifacts and has so far remained untranslated.

Before attempting to understand extraterrestrial communication, they recommend that humans transmit it back in its entirety as confirmation of receipt. To do this, we must first search for transmission patterns that may indicate the presence of symbols.

However, experts say communication will be delayed since it requires four years to travel to the closest star (apart from the Sun) at light speed. There may be lifeforms with radically distinct body chemistries and communication mechanisms humans cannot understand.

The study claims that if we start with basic communications and work our way up, our efforts to decipher extraterrestrial signals will have a better chance of succeeding.

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