Cynthia Nixon Participates in Controversial Hunger Strike

( – Cynthia Nixon, a former New York governor candidate and Sex and the City actress, went on a hunger strike alongside other activists to protest Israel”s airstrikes on Gaza after Hamas” barbaric terrorist attacks and abduction of Jewish people.

Nixon denounced the Israeli counter-bombing of Hamas-held Gaza at a White House demonstration on Monday. She declared that her son asked her to use her voice to say “never again” means “never again” for all. She said she was a mom of Jewish children whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors.

Even though the hunger strike would continue throughout the week, Nixon told a media outlet that she would break her fast in order to attend to work obligations.

Nixon urged President Joe Biden, who she suggested had suffered such tragic loss in his own life, to draw on his famous empathy and treat the children of Gaza as if they were his own.

There are schisms on the left, and even in the entertainment business, over the demands for a truce after the assaults on October 7.

In the meanwhile, on FBN”s “Mornings with Maria,” Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee highlighted his recent op-ed for Fox News, in which he noted that the Biden administration was providing funds to both the Israeli and Hamas governments. Hamas funds its war campaigns using humanitarian supplies that the United States has donated.

Haggerty said the Biden administration contradicts itself. This is par for the course for their international relations. As part of its “humanitarian assistance” program, the Biden administration delivers supplies to Palestinian areas, including Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his team informed Haggerty about the activities of the Hamas leadership and the aforementioned monies during his visit immediately after the 11-day battle in May of 2021.

According to Hagerty, they term the monies they take in as “taxation.” They convert everything that comes in, including pipelines and infrastructure, into weapons that they send back into Israel, such as explosives and rockets. America is providing financial support to both sides in the war.

Weeks ago, Haggerty inquired of Secretary Blinken if he could guarantee that the humanitarian supplies we”ve sent to Hamas had not been converted into weaponry against Israel. He couldn”t guarantee it.

Like the situation in Ukraine, we provide financial support to both sides.

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