Over One-Third of Working Americans Are Uninspired

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – According to new research, more than one-third of Americans have never felt more uninspired at work than they do now. The research focused on two thousand employees surveyed, and it showed that more than one-third of Americans are also feeling unproductive.

The results showed that work setting and environment played a huge role in this and many have said that they want to refresh their workspaces. The survey, conducted by Talker Research for Lifetime Work, stated that those who have a work routine, especially those who work in person, felt it to be “stale.” Over sixty percent of people said that the people they work with and their environment make a huge difference in their productivity.

Brooks Hagen, senior director of Life Time Work, said, “Today more than ever, both employers and employees are acknowledging the link between physical activity and mental acuity, and the ability to perform at our best.” Hagen continued, “As a result, we’re seeing demand from both team leaders as well as team members for workspaces that are near health and athletic facilities to prioritize being able to incorporate more into their regular wellness routine.”

Many have said that taking a break and going on a walk can help when they are in a rut or feeling unproductive. With this, one-fifth of Americans admit that they exercise less than one day a week or less, but more than two-thirds have said that being more active would make a difference in their productivity at work.

Hagen stated, “The idea of an activity-based workspace design is more relevant than even five years ago.” He continued, “Working in a space that actively encourages physical movement throughout the day is healthier and allows for occupants to do their best work.”

Almost forty percent of Americans say that they find little time for themselves during their workday. One way they suggested that could help productivity is having an active area or gym in office areas where people can take breaks and get moving.

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