First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opening in North Carolina?!

( – North Carolina has just opened their first medical marijuana dispensary by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. For tribal lands, this is a dispensary that has long been in the works and is the first to allow North Carolina residents to purchase legal marijuana.

Hundreds of people were happy to hear about the Great Smokey Cannabis Co. as they have had medical cards to purchase and have long awaited the opening of a dispensary in North Carolina. This ceremony to celebrate the opening of the store is yet another wave of movement to legalize marijuana. This started a few years ago when they decriminalized small possessions of marijuana within their land in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Following this, the tribe also created a medical marijuana system that included the addition of a business run by the tribe that would grow cannabis and sell it. The dispensary is run by the tribal company Qualla Enterprises of which Forrest Parker is the general manager. Parker stated, “This project will change the trajectory of their lives forever. It will be a conduit to generations of social, economic, and spiritual growth, unlike anything that’s ever been witnessed.”

The Eastern Band consists of about fourteen thousand people and it can pass rules legalizing cannabis as a sovereign nation and a federally localized tribe. With this, there has been some pushback on the situation as people have been worried about the concerns of federal and state laws on the enforcement of drug laws.

Adults who are twenty-one years or older with a medical card from the tribe or another state-approved medical card can purchase items from the dispensary. The scope of marijuana sales could broaden for the state after this addition of a medical marijuana dispensary.

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