University Protest Over Israel-Hamas War Ends in Clash with Police

( – A protest that took place at Ohio State University over the Israel-Hamas war has caused chaos between students and police. Clashes between police officers and protestors broke out on campus overnight and the whole situation led to a series of arrests.

University spokesperson Benjamin Johnson said that those who did not leave when asked were arrested and charged with trespassing. This led to thirty-six arrests, where sixteen were students and twenty were not university students.

Protests have broken out across the country as the death toll related to the Israel-Hamas war continues to rise. Protestors are asking Universities to cut funding to Israel and to stop supporting businesses that are enabling the war. Jewish students have said that the protests make them afraid to even come onto campus which is prompting the police intervention.

This is not the first campus protest we’ve seen with many taking place across the country. At Emory University in Atlanta, a protest resulted in police intervention where some officers carried semiautomatic weapons, and stun guns, resulting in the police using a chemical irritant to control the crowd. Emory President Gregory Fenves called the clash between police and protestors “shocking” and said he is “horrified that members of our community had to experience and witness such interactions.”

He stated that the chaos that commenced on campus was more than likely initiated by outside protestors who came out and set up tents to overtake the area and protest.
Greg Lukianoff, the president of the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression spoke out about the protests by saying “You don’t have a generalized First Amendment right to, you know, turn the public area of a campus into a camping ground.”
He continued, “But we’ve seen at places like Emory and places like UT Austin, police taking things much, much too far.”

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