There More Tourists in Venice Than Residents

( – Venice is becoming much smaller in terms of population than it once was with its population sitting below fifty thousand. In comparison, the population in the seventies was closer to two hundred thousand people and the biggest factor here is the growing tourism.

According to records, more than twenty million people visited the area last year, which shows the difference in tourism populations versus the residential in the area. Venice just recently took action against the over-tourism and will now be charging a fee for those who want access to the city. Venice Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, said that the “aim is not to close the city, but not let it explode.”

When the program officially launched, some people in St. Mark took it the wrong way which resulted in protestors gathering in Piazzale Roma in opposition to the new measure, The protestors were not happy about living in a closed city and some compared the entry fee to that of an amusement park.

Many have recognized that the fee most likely won’t deter people from visiting the area as many are more likely to go for the destination despite the price.

Matteo Secchi, leader of a residents’ activist group said “Almost the entire city is against it. You can’t impose an entrance fee to a city. All they’re doing is transforming it into a theme park. … I mean, are we joking?”

On the first day the program was implemented over one hundred thousand people registered and sixteen thousand of those people paid the fee. The remaining people who didn’t pay the fee were exempt for reasons including hotel stays, being a student or commuter, or visiting family or friends.

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