Kias and Hyundais Still on the Road Even After Millions Recalled?!

( – A few months ago Kia and Hyundai both recalled over three million vehicles in the United States, saying that the vehicles should be parked outdoors and away from any buildings because they are at risk of catching fire whether the engines are on or off.

However, months later it seems that all of these vehicles are still on the road and unrepaired, which puts not only the drivers at risk but those around the car as well. Hyundai and Kia both said that there was little hope that they’d be able to repair all of the vehicles until months after the recall was put in place.

The car companies said that the reasoning for this was because of the large amount of cars that are involved in the recall as it’s the largest recall they’ve ever done. They also said that these fires were started mainly because of brake fluid leaking onto the circuit boards which triggers a short and ignites the liquid, causing a fire.

Kia and Hyundai said that they are having trouble getting enough parts that they need to combat this issue. They’ve also said that some of the cars involved are the more popular ones such as Kia’s Forte and Hyundai’s Santa Fe.

During the announcement of the recall, the companies stated that there were at least “56 vehicle fires started” because of this, but no deaths have been reported.

With this said, many people are worried about the safety of these vehicles especially with them still being on the road unrepaired. Many have said that recall repairs are usually done within a few weeks of the announcement, but in this case, it’s been months. Auto safety advocates are pushing for the companies to make a decision and get these repairs done sooner rather than later.

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