Local Politician Finds Out Exactly WHY Every Vote Counts

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(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Reports from a small town in Washington state indicate that a political candidate who chose not to cast a ballot for himself came up one vote short of winning.

Rainier is a city in Thurston County, roughly twenty-five miles south of Tacoma, and Damion Green campaigned for a council seat there. Ryan Roth just beat Green with 247 votes over Green’s 246. Green had effectively turned the tide of the election against himself, according to the findings of a required manual recount that was released on December 1.

According to Green, who spoke with statewide media, casting a ballot for himself would have been equivalent to stacking the odds in his favor. Green told the outlets that he did not vote for himself. He said he was uneasy about it because he perceived it as somewhat narcissistic.

There was a requirement for a mandatory recount, and the results of the hand recount were identical to those of the machine-tabulated results after the election on November 7.

A report showed that the rapid expansion of the 2,400-person city of Rainier was a central platform issue for candidates in their campaigns.

According to the report, Roth opted to cast a ballot for himself only after receiving encouragement from his wife. He submitted his ballot a few days before the deadline. He told the newspaper that your vote does matter.

Additionally, Roth remarked that it was crazy to win by a single vote in such a close race. Roth pointed out that a coin toss would have been an option if the result of the vote had been tied. According to Roth, he would have called “tails.”

There was a 136-to-136 tie in the 2015 mayoral primary election for the neighboring town of Tenino, which had a population of less than 2,000. According to the local newspaper, the race was decided by a coin toss.

The former write-in candidate, Green, has hinted that he might seek public office again. He told the media that the third time would be the charm.

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