Navy Spy Plane’s Flight Recorder Finally Recovered

( – The U.S. military has found a U.S. Navy plane’s flight data recorder after it crashed into the ocean this week after missing a runway in Honolulu. A report shows that a surveillance aircraft flying in inclement weather overshot the runway of a military installation and washed into Kaneohe Bay. All nine on board were unharmed.

US Navy multi-mission maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft P-8A Poseidon conducts anti-surface warfare, intelligence, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The Navy announced Friday that its Aircraft Mishap Board is examining the accident at Marine Corps Base Hawaii to identify its cause and contributing causes. The base is 10 miles from Honolulu, Oahu. About 9,300 military and five thousand family members live in the facility.

The data recorder was recovered Thursday by servicemen from a mobile diving and salvage team who performed a hydrographic inspection of the P-8A’s integrity. The recorder includes airspeed, altitude, and several other vital flight data.

A report shows concerns about environmental harm, and doubts regarding how the US military would remove the jet, were raised. The Navy claimed that because of the survey, they would be able to remove the aircraft with minor damage to the coral and aquatic ecosystem. An old fishing spot is located approximately 1.5 miles from where inhabitants of Kaneohe Bay are concerned that gasoline or other pollutants may cause damage to the coral reefs in the vicinity.

The Navy said it had placed containment booms and other absorbent items around the jet. Specially trained workers are monitoring the region 24 hours a day.

The P-8A is often employed for information collection, surveillance, and submarine hunting. The jet has parts in common with Boeing’s 737 passenger plane. This aircraft is flown by members of Washington’s Skinny Dragons of Patrol Squadron 4, based off of Whidbey Island. Once headquartered out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii currently only sees a cyclical deployment of patrol squadrons.

The Navy announced on Thursday that a new crew had arrived to take up homeland defense duties.

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