Report Urges Child Exploitation Reporting Website to Establish Fixes

( – An online child tipline for child sexual exploitation that has been in the business for over twenty years has been urged to make some changes and fixes to its program. Stanford Internet Observatory released a report revealing that the website has not lived up to its expectations and that it needs improvements to help law enforcement do their jobs efficiently.

Many have said that they expect the changes to come urgently because artificial intelligence technology could make their problems even worse. “Almost certainly in the years to come, the CyberTipline will just be flooded with highly realistic-looking AI content, which is going to make it even harder for law enforcement to identify real children who need to be rescued,” said Shelby Grossman who is an author of the report.

Congress established this service years ago as the main defense for children who are exploited online. Technology companies are legally obligated to report these types of materials once found on their platforms. They use the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s system to operate.

Many different CyberTipline reports get submitted daily, which is already a rising concern for law enforcement, however, this is just one issue that they can expect to face. Other issues that they are dealing with now are reports from technology companies that lack important details, which makes it hard for law enforcement to figure out what reports to prioritize.

Alex Stamos, a Stanford lecturer, said “There are significant issues with the entire system right now and those cracks are going to become chasms in a world in which AI is generating brand-new CSAM.”

There are multiple issues that they are looking to combat to improve the efficiency of the program and ultimately make sure that it’s bringing as much benefit as possible to law enforcement.

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