U.S. Reviews Nevada Lithium Mine After Concerns of Endangered Wildflower

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – The Biden Administration has taken a large recognizable step after it decided to get an environmental review of Nevada’s lithium mine, which could become the third Lithium mine in the United States. There have been many legal challenges brought on by conservationists who say that the mine could pose a threat to the endangered Nevada wildflower.

President Biden has been expanding his search for lithium since it’s a huge asset to batteries, which are needed for electric vehicles—one aspect of Biden’s green energy agenda. The Bureau of Land Management put together an over two thousand page document that would go to the Rhyolite Ridge mine discussing the environmental impact.

Officials for the Bureau have said that this lithium-boron mine project “represents another step by the Biden-Harris administration to support the responsible, domestic development of critical minerals to power the clean energy economy.” Steve Feldgus, deputy assistant Interior Secretary for land and minerals management said, “Federal agencies cooperating to solve issues efficiently while protecting vulnerable species and other irreplaceable resources is exactly how we will need to move forward if we’re going to produce these critical minerals in the United States.”

Many have said that they are pushing back against the mine because this is just another way that the administration is forgetting about its impact on vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems.

Patrick Donnelly, Great Basin director at the Center for Biological Diversity, has been pushing back against the plans, calling them “greenwashing extinction.” He said that they think the protection plan would violate the Endangered Species Act and that they would challenge it if it passed.

The demand for lithium is one of the biggest factors expected to take off in the coming years since it’s necessary for electric cars and most other products that use lithium batteries.

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