Barnes & Noble Workers Plan to Unionize

( – America’s largest bookstore chain is looking at a huge unionization effort nationwide after six different Barnes & Nobles have agreed to organize this last year, and many more are expected to join.

Employees are accusing the Barnes & Noble chain of beating around the bush when it comes to contract negotiations and the CEO is said to have organized a long campaign to sway them not to vote in favor of a union, visiting employees and trying to push them not to unionize.

According to one bookseller who worked with Barnes and Noble for over two years, Jessica Sepple, “He would come in and essentially try to talk us out of unionizing.” She continued, “The big argument against us unionizing was it would make his life harder, which he would repeat several times. It wasn’t very successful.”

The store voted with a result of 76-2 in favor of unionizing which was the start of multiple bookstore unionizations. James Daunt, the CEO, said in a statement that he disputed claims of delays and he said he was in agreement with work when it came to the “fundamentals” of their demands but that he did talk about the “upsides and downsides” of a union.

Said Sepple, “Our purpose for unionizing is to get some recognition for the dignity of workers.” She continued, “And having sat at the table and currently in negotiations with Barnes & Noble, it is disappointing that Barnes & Noble has not treated this as if that dignity is deserved.”

It’s said that Daunt tried pushing the fact that unionizing would be bad for him and would make his life harder, but this didn’t make employees happy as they were looking to unionize and it seemed that the CEO only cared about how it affected him.

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