Congress Grants $380 Million Border Security Funding Aid?!

( – Congress has just passed a huge spending bill that was signed off by Biden which is going straight to border security in some Middle East countries.

The full funding bill accounts for over one trillion dollars, but over three hundred million of that will go to creating “enhanced border security” for Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Oman. This is not the first time that the budget for a spending bill has included millions that would go to the Middle East for border security.

This has been a more controversial move now because of the current border crisis that the United States is going through at the moment. Republicans in particular have not been supportive of a spending bill that included funds going to other countries for border security.

Representative Steve Scalise said, “But you see them running this thing through by dark of night with billions in things that – they’re doing border security in foreign countries, and they’re impeding border security in our country.”

Ultimately this spending package is what kept the government from shutting down and sparked pushback from officials who opposed the funding.

The United States has been dealing with its own immigrant crisis, particularly at the Southern Border. Congress has been exploring options on how they can secure the border after there have been record-breaking numbers of immigrants coming into the U.S.

The Biden Administration has said that they are dealing with a “hemisphere-wide crisis” and that the immigration system needs to be funded and reformed. However, Republicans have argued back that the immigration issues come from not implementing practices that were in place during Trump’s administration.

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