Derek Chauvin Stabbed in Prison

( – Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who is serving two concurrent sentences for the murder of George Floyd, was stabbed in the medium-security he was jailed in.

Authorities from the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office confirmed the incident, which occurred at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona. They also said that Chauvin was transferred to a hospital after prison staff performed “life-saving measures” following the attack. While his injuries were severe, Chauvin is expected to survive. Officials also said that no prison employees were hurt in the attack.

However, Attorney Gregory Erickson, one of the disgraced police officer’s lawyers, said that neither he nor Chauvin’s family have been provided any updates regarding the attack or of Chauvin’s current condition. Erickson called the lack of communication from authorities to Chauvin’s attorneys or family “completely outrageous”, and called out the prison facility for being “poorly run” as it “allowed” the assault on Chauvin to occur in the first place.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Chauvin’s prison is notorious for having staffing issues as well as for having lapses in its security protocols. Only last year, an inmate somehow got hold of a firearm and attempted to shoot a visitor in the prison.

Fortunately, the weapon misfired and no one was hurt.
In a statement, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison expressed sadness at the news of the attack, saying that Chauvin should have been able to “serve his sentence without fear of retaliation or violence.”

Eric Nelson, another of Chauvin’s legal counsel, initially wanted his client to be kept away from the general population due to the risk that Chauvin may be targeted, owing not only to his crime but also due to his being a former police officer. Chauvin was transferred to the Tucson facility last year from a maximum-security prison in Minnesota – where he usually spent his days in solitary confinement.

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