Apple is Developing Chips to Run AI Software in Data Centers

( – Project ACDC, or Apple Chips in Data Center, is something that has been in the works for several years by the tech giant Apple. They’ve been developing chips to run artificial intelligence software in data centers.

Apple has been working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. on the design of the chip and the production, although there are not many details on whether this attempt has yielded positive results. Wall Street Journal said that Apple’s server chip will most likely be focused on AI interference instead of training AI models.

Being trained in AI interference means that these machine-learning models can draw conclusions from brand-new data. Google and other large technology companies have already invested in developing their own AI-interference server chips. Experts have spoken out to say that Apple is behind when looking into their AI investments as other companies like Microsoft have already invested billions into AI.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said that the company was “investing significantly” into the technology and that they would make an AI-related announcement later this year, which experts have said will happen at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

“We believe in the transformative power and promise of AI, and we believe we have advantages that will differentiate us in this new era,” Tim Cook said.

At Apple’s latest earnings call, Cook told the investors that the company would continue to invest in AI. Apple’s second-quarter earnings were higher than expected despite their revenue dropping four percent due to the fall in iPhone sales. On top of this, the company also announced a one hundred billion dollar buyback, which would increase share pricing.

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