Former Disney Star Under Arrest

( – A former minor Disney TV star was arrested in Merrimack, New Hampshire over multiple charges that stemmed from a pro-Palestine protest act she staged with two other younger girls.

Bridget Irene Shergalis, 27, who hails from Connecticut, targeted the U.S. office of Israeli defense company Elbit Systems. Shergalis, along with 22-year-old Sophie Marika Ross and 19-year-old Calla Mairead Walsh, climbed to the roof of the Elbit offices and destroyed HVAC equipment and skylights after smashing several of the building’s windows downstairs and splashing red paint all over the driveway and walls of the building. The three girls also locked the facility’s main lobby doors from the outside using a bicycle lock. Merrimack police who arrested the trio also said that they used an “incendiary device” on the roof of the Elbit building that matched a similar unused device found on the protesters when they were taken into custody.

Shergalis, Ross, and Walsh were charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass, as well as riot, sabotage, and disorderly conduct. The three were ostensibly participating in a larger initiative instigated by Palestine Action US, one of many anti-Israel activist groups in the U.S.

While Shergalis has made her name for herself after several appearances on a number of Disney TV shows such as “So Random” (where she plays the character Bridget Cook) and “Liv and Maddie,” (where she plays the character Stains), her co-conspirator, Calla Walsh, has recently gained notoriety for her very public participation in ultra-leftist movements in the U.S.

Walsh, a self-described “communist,” was among the founders of Palestine Action US. She has rubbed elbows with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel in other protest actions, and participated in the 2020 campaign of Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. Walsh has also promoted the controversial “Mapping Project” on social media. The project listed the names of locations of more than 500 institutions and organizations – the majority of which were owned by Jews or supposedly linked to Israel. She has also stated that she believes that there is “no peaceful solution” to Israel’s continued “occupation” of Palestinian land.

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