Parents Complain about Sleeping Arrangements on School Trip

( – A family from Colorado is up in arms over a decision of a public school to room their 11-year-old daughter with a boy who identifies as transgender.

The incident happened at a school trip organized by the Governor’s Ranch Elementary School, which is under the Jefferson County Public Schools school district.

According to the girl’s mother, Serena Wailes, while her daughter had a good relationship with the student, she said that her daughter was extremely uncomfortable to be sharing not only a room, but a bed, with a biological male. Wailes said that her daughter only discovered the sleeping arrangements when her bedmate confessed that “she” was a boy but identified as trans.

Upon making the discovery, the girl made a frantic call to her parents, and only after repeated requests for a room change was she transferred to another room. To add insult to injury, the girl was first asked to just change beds, but when the room change was finally allowed, the girl was told to lie about the reason for the change in sleeping arrangements. This was supposedly in order to protect the trans student’s privacy because she was in “stealth mode.” Wailes also said that the school did not notify parents about the room assignments and even provided assurances that girls and boys would be kept strictly separate, with students needing to secure permissions from the chaperones for any crossing over.

The parents are now asking the school board to introduce a rule that parents will always be notified in advance regarding the gender of the other students their children will be rooming with. The current school district policy is to room students together based on their gender identity – a policy that family advocates say violates both parental rights as well as student privacy rights.

“Schools should never hide information from parents,” said Kate Anderson, a lawyer for Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF), the organization that has taken up the case.

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