United States Ally Jordan Rocked by Gaza War

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Jordan, which is one of the United States’s closest allies, has been affected by the Gaza war since it started and has been dealing with people openly supporting the Hamas terrorist organization.

Jordan’s government has been openly against the Israel war to push out Hamas terrorists. Their Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said months ago that “Hamas is an idea and ideas do not die.” Jordan’s Queen Rania said that they doubt Hamas “really committed atrocities” in their first attack in October.

Former Jordan Israeli Ambassador, Jacob Rosen, said, “Jordan is walking on a very tight rope. The authorities let the Muslim Brotherhood under whatever cover they operate to voice out their message, but they disperse any demonstrations [that]] may go ‘wrong’ or to turn against the government itself.”

“Parallel to that, the minister of foreign affairs, Ayman Safadi, has a free hand with anti-Israeli rhetoric accusing Israel of genocide and warning against ethnic cleansing. But in any case, Jordan cannot condemn Hamas directly but let some publicists or ex-ministers to do that,” Rosen continued.

Protestors have been adamant about their support as they chanted “We are your men, Sinwar,” referencing Yehya Sinwar who is the “mastermind” behind the October 7attacks.

Many have said that they are in the streets shouting anti-Jordanian chants and essentially are placing ownership over Jordan. It has been a target due to the instability of the country; Jordan doesn’t have a gas or oil industry and currently has a high unemployment rate.

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