Police Exposed for Giving Sedatives to Inmates

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – A new investigation has looked into the practice of law enforcement giving detainees sedatives over the last fifteen years. The investigation led by the Associated Press and partnered with FRONTLINE and the Howard’s Centers for Investigative Journalism found that almost one hundred people died after being given sedatives.

This means that about 10% out of the one thousand deaths that were uncovered during the investigation died as a result of policing that shouldn’t have been fatal.

Supporters of the sedatives say that they help to give treatment for drug-related behavior and psychotic episodes. It is a practice that’s used to protect frontliners and has been used thousands of times.

On the other hand, critics say that sedation should be banned or at least strictly limited. Critics have stated that the medications given without consent could be very dangerous to the detainees.

The injections of sedatives were performed in many different locations like parking lots, homes, and many other places across the country. It’s impossible to determine the full effects of the sedatives on those who lost their lives but medical officials have said that they are often benign when looking into fatalities. However, now it may be believed that they are more impactful than once understood.

The statistics of those who passed showed that about half of them were black. Many have said that the views and racial stigmas have impacted the decision on who needs a sedation and who doesn’t.

With this, the rules for those who are eligible for sedation are those that are at risk of harming themselves or someone else. It’s been shown that this isn’t always the case when it’s used which can cause problems if someone who’s been using drugs or is medically distresses is being given a sedative.

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