Hungryroot Startup Uses AI To Combat Waste

( – Food waste is a huge issue in the United States with one-third of the food produced ending up in landfills. Multiple factors like excess production, packaging, storage, and delivery contribute to this excessive waste.

A study that was published said that food waste accounts for over twenty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Food delivery companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh have helped to combat this by offering services where ingredients are exactly measured out and packaging is limited.

A New York startup called Hungryroot is taking this a step further by using artificial intelligence to provide a more curated experience to every customer. With this, customers are asked a series of questions about what types of food they enjoy, if they have allergies, what they don’t like, and what time they normally cook. The AI technology then takes all this information to decide what recipes and grocery items are right for each person.

Ben McKean, the company’s CEO said “Hungryroot is entirely designed to give you just the foods that you’re going to need for your week. And it gives you simple recipes, so you know exactly what to do with them, and as a result, food waste with our customers is significantly reduced.”

With this, they also will suggest certain items depending on what they have more of and then they can suggest that to customers in order to combat waste for that food item. The company has been able to cut eighty percent of its food waste by implementing these systems.

Investors, such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, have looked at this business model as successful. Jeremy Liew, a partner with Lightspeed, said “They have been profitable for three or four years now, which is unusual for a lot of these e-commerce, food businesses.”

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