Biden Administration Restricts Gas and Oil Leases in Alaska

Biden Puts Restrictions on Gas and Oil Leasing in Alaska

( – The Biden Administration announced that they would be putting restrictions on new oil and gas leasing on many acres of federal petroleum in Alaska. The reasoning is that they want to protect wildlife as climate change begins to endanger animals.

This is a part of a years-long decision and plan to help establish how exactly they would develop oil resources in the state. The rules that Biden recently announced would put restrictions on the future leasing and industrial development that are in areas where there is special wildlife, such as polar bears and caribou.

The agency said that the warming of the planet and climate change in general could greatly affect wildlife especially when considering the melting permafrost and other factors.

Environmentalists were happy about this and felt that the decision was putting the climate first. As a part of Biden’s push for staying environmentally friendly, he also put out another rule that would put more conservation on oil drilling, grazing, and other extractive industries on government land. This would not affect any of the current existing leases or even current projects that are authorized to happen there.

Many Alaska state officials have said that this legislation is “illegal” and claimed that the Biden administration isn’t able to make the ruling they did. Alaska’s Senior Senator Lisa Murkowski said “It’s more than a one-two punch to Alaska, because when you take off access to our resources, when you say you cannot drill, you cannot produce, you cannot explore, you cannot move it – this is the energy insecurity that we’re talking about.”

Previously, Alaskan officials have accused the Biden Administration of limiting their state and resources by putting restrictions such as these on their oil and gas industry or other industries.

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