Tesla Under Scrutiny by Federal Regulators: Autopilot has Critical Safety Gap

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Federal authorities have said that a “critical safety gap” has been found in Tesla’s autopilot system and has been a result of over four hundred crashes with thirteen resulting in fatality.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did an analysis which looked into over 950 Tesla collisions where Tesla autopilot was said to be used.

According to the report, Tesla’s autopilot design “Led to foreseeable misuse and avoidable crashes. The system did not sufficiently ensure driver attention and appropriate use.”

The main issue presented was that the autopilot would stay on even when the driver is not paying attention to the road. The agency has said that they’ll be launching an investigation to look into a software update that was issued by Tesla in response to autopilot issues. They believe that the update was not sufficient enough as more collisions have been reported since then. The update was for over two million vehicles and was said to improve driver monitoring systems.

Many officials are telling federal regulators to require Tesla to restrict these auto driving features to “roads it was designed for.”

“We urge the agency to take all necessary actions to prevent these vehicles from endangering lives,” the senators said.

Just this month Tesla settled a lawsuit with the family of Walter Huang. Huang was an Apple engineer who died in a car crash while driving his Tesla Model X with its autopilot feature on. The car veered into a highway guardrail, killing him.

Tesla has required that the details of the settlement be kept private from the public. Even as these events have surfaced, Musk has said that the company’s future will be based on automatic driving.

Elon Musk said “If somebody doesn’t believe Tesla’s going to solve autonomy, I think they should not be an investor in the company. We will, and we are,” Musk said.

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