Report Shows Almost 300M People Experienced Acute Hunger Last Year?!

( – According to the Global Report on Food Crisis, almost three hundred million people experienced acute hunger last year. This result was taken from fifty-nine countries and shows the results of the Gaza war, which proves that more people than ever are experiencing hunger.

Many more countries are being monitored in terms of their food crisis because of the deterioration of food security across the globe, especially in Gaza and surrounding areas. Chief economist for the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Máximo Torero, spoke out about hunger and how it’s affecting people across the globe.

Máximo Torero said that more than seven hundred thousand people are at Phase 5 when it comes to the hunger scale, which is the worst level that you can be. Almost six hundred thousand of those people were in Gaza.

According to the report, more than one million people in Gaza are expected to be in Phase 5 of hunger by July. There have been multiple factors that have had this effect on the population, including the multiple wars going on, the gang takeover in Haiti, and the El Nino effect that we were experiencing, which brought on floods and other natural disasters that affected food supply.

The report stated that the El Nino effect had “its full impact on food security which included flooding and poor rain in parts of east Africa and drought in southern Africa, especially Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, are likely to manifest throughout the year.”

“The conflicts erupting over the past 12 months compound a dire global situation,” said the report.

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