Biden Administration Under Fire For Major Chemical Plant Shut Down

Pipeline and valve of chemical plant

( – The Biden Administration is being accused of interfering with a scientific study that was going to be performed on a chemical plant in Louisiana regarding the risk of cancer from its emissions.

A chemical plant in LaPlace, Louisiana that manufactures neoprene, was to undergo a scientific investigation for the cancer-causing effects of their facility. The production of neoprene produces a liquid raw byproduct called chloroprene, and the emissions from this are said to have cancer-causing effects that could affect everyone in the Saint John the Baptist Parish area in Louisiana.

Michael Morton, of the Environmental Protection Agency, stated in a testimony that the email, which caused a pause to the investigation, was not written by him. Essentially this email stated that they should not proceed with the scientific studies in question regarding cancer-causing emissions.

“I didn’t write that,” Morton told lawyers for synthetics manufacturer Denka Performance Elastomer. He continued, “I didn’t say that. For – For that part, I didn’t – I don’t know that, so I don’t know who wrote that.”

EPA Administrator Michael Regan spoke out saying, “When I visited Saint John the Baptist Parish during my first Journey to Justice tour, I pledged to the community that EPA would take strong action to protect the health and safety of families from harmful chloroprene emissions from the Denka facility.”

After this, the Justice Department put out a motion for immediate action taken by the facility to control its emissions or shut down its facility.

DPE, the chemical facility, responded by saying that asking them to shut down would be catastrophic and said that it would lead to “complete loss of revenue streams, substantial loss of workforce, supply chain disruptions and contractual impacts, and regulatory challenges.”

They also responded by saying that the United States is asking for these scientific studies based on a report that was done in 2010 with female mice. They also stated that Saint John the Baptist Parish has the lowest cancer rates in the region.

The Denka facility did not continue with its scientific studies after receiving the email from Morton, who recently claimed it was not written by him. The metadata given to the courts shows that the email was written by EPA Office of Research and Development officials.

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