Election Disinformation On The Rise Due to AI?!

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Artificial Intelligence has caused a lot of risk when it comes to disinformation, especially at the time of elections.

The risks have been acknowledged after many pointed out that artificial intelligence makes it very easy for anyone to create misinformation or spread fake news. This is especially concerning during election time when this technology is accessible and people can create fake images or narratives.

AI makes it incredibly simple with programs such as OpenAI to create any image using just a text prompt. There has been a whole slew of AI-created deepfakes that have circulated across social media tied to elections in Asia and Europe.

Henry Ajder, an AI expert, said “You don’t need to look far to see some people…being clearly confused as to whether something is real or not.”

With the United States elections coming up fast, there have been multiple warnings regarding misinformation that could be tied to the election and may deceitfully sway voters. FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that artificial intelligence could allow “foreign adversaries to engage in malign influence.”

AI deepfakes have the potential to change the way that an election candidate is viewed, change the way that a voter thinks, or push voters to avoid the polls at all costs. This could also make the public feel less trustworthy when it comes to believing anything on the internet related to presidential candidates or politics.

Not only is this a threat, but because of the type of threat and the fact that it is online, it makes it extremely hard to track who exactly created the image in the first place. Some experts suggest that it’s going to be hard for anyone to tell what is real or not and it may change the way people look and think about certain situations.

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