New Starbucks Cups Reduce Plastic and Help Visually Impaired?!

( – Starbucks has just announced that they will be releasing new cups at their stores to help eliminate nearly thirteen billion pounds of plastic waste. These cups are said to be made with twenty percent less plastic and will also require less water in the process.

The coffee company based in Seattle will utilize these new cups for its cold drink, which will help to combat excessive plastic usage as multiple reports are emerging regarding the dangerous and negative impacts of plastic pollution.

In reference to the cups, Starbucks stated, “They’re not only made with less plastic than previous cold cups, they are also projected to reduce emissions and conserve water in the production process and they cost less to make.”

These new cups are the first ones ever to be produced with the goal of sustainability. This was just one step in the company’s efforts to cut back on its environmental footprint when it comes to water, carbon, and waste.

On top of the reduction of plastic, the company says that this redesign will also eliminate emissions comparable to that of nearly six thousand cars and save over two thousand “Olympic-sized swimming pools” worth of water.

In addition, these cups will feature raised dots, which will help those who are visually impaired to differentiate sizes, and the fill lines will be made black and white for better contrast.

Plastic production has been a primary topic in discussions surrounding the reduction of emissions and clearing up pollution. The production of plastic is said to have the equivalent effects of six hundred coal-fired plants every single year, and experts say that these emissions could be tripled by 2050, motivating many to find more eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.

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